Unda Enginering Inc. founded in 2016 with the aim of developing solutions for sustainable industry and urban environment. We development, design and manufacturing of hybrid heat storage and power generation systems for renewable energy integration for industrial, residential and agricultural low to medium temperature thermal demand under the Calor-e brand.

The Calor-e Thermal Energy Storage System can store the energy produced with high efficiency when the demand is low or when the renewable energy production is high, instead of when the electricity demand is high, and it can give the demand as heat at the desired time. Calor-e can help;

  • Grid balancing operations for peak shaving and load shifting
  • Decarbonize process heat by using electricity to charge a thermal battery in off-peak hours
  • Calor-e benefits processes with its
  • High performance regardless cycle times
  • High operational life time +25 years
  • Low operational cost
  • Low life cycle emissions
  • 100% recyclable materials