It was decided that at least 3 commercial scale facilities (FOAK), the first of their kind in Europe, should be implemented in the coming years. Different technology solutions are used by the CSP Temporary Working Group to achieve cost reduction targets.

The aim of the project to be developed in the simulation will be the integration of the TCP-100 facility, scaled according to the designed power, into the electrical network. Some nodes from the Turkish electricity grid will be selected for analysis of the deployment of TCP-100 (scale) power plants of different scales depending on the power demand profile measured in the grid in recent years. The digital twin (DT) of the TCP-100 facility and its integration into the electrical subnet model will be an expected major milestone (result) in the project. Therefore, the project will develop mathematical models that take into account real experimental data from energy production and consumption and draw conclusions about the most suitable forms of integration of the scaled PTC type TCP-100 into distribution networks.

The TCP-100 plant is equipped with a thermal storage tank in the secondary circuit. In the scale prototypes required by the facility, different storage sizes and technologies will be proposed to examine their impact on the behavior of the electrical grid. This digital twin includes a multi-physics digital model of the true-state capacity THS, where grid-based peak power characteristics will be used as direct inputs and TCP-100 facility characteristic operations will be used as output points.

DISOPED Project, these technical results are expected:

  • A model of the electrical subnetwork based on digital twin of scaled versions of the TCP-100 facility. The model will demonstrate the applicability of CSP in a real distribution subnetwork.
  • Developing a test tool based on a real grid data
  • A proposal of a set of CSP plants, based on the TCP-100 facility, to be deployed and scaled up in different nodes of the electrical distribution network.
  • Demonstration of the autonomous operation of the TCP-100 plant at Plataforma Solar de Almería, under the commands of the electrical network.